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George Herbert's Christmas List


I do not wish for aught because the Lord
Hath always my heart’s stocking fill’d with cheer.
His love is life’s foundation and reward-
This paragon of gifts He gives all year.


Get thee behind me Santa, do not tempt
Ungratefulness in those whom God hath blest- 
By the Almighty’s grace am I exempt

From death. In Heaven shall I ever rest. 

He moulded me this world to live upon, 
And though I share it there is room enow. 
O’er beasts He granted me dominion- 
The hedgehog and the ferret and the cow. 

The lighthouse of His tenderness doth keep
My sinful boat from ploughing into rocks.
All else is by these bounties render’d cheap-
But then again I wouldn’t mind some socks.

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