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Rob Stuart is a lecturer, writer, artist and filmmaker. He was was born in Cambridge, England, in

1972 and lives in Surrey with his family.


The poems, visual poems, kinetic poems and short stories that appear on this site were previously published in the following magazines, webzines and newspapers:

After the Pause, Asses of ParnassusBetter Than StarbucksThe Delinquent, Diagram, E-RatioEye

to the Telescope, Five:2:One, Fleurs du Mal, h&Ink, Sweat and Tears, Die Leere MitteLight, Lighten Up Online, M58, Magma, New Statesman, Of/WithThe Oldie, Otoliths, Overground Underground, PopshotThe Projectionist's PlaygroundThe Ranfurly Review, Selcouth Station, SliptongueSnakeskin, The Spectator, Storgy, Tip of the Knife and The Washington Post.  

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