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Tesco's Sonnet


As it might have been written by John Keats


Enraptured, I can wander here for miles;

No Levantine bazaar has more allure.

The shelves beguile me more than any tour

Of ruin’d temples on Aegean isles.

They ne’er run out of bread--there’s always piles—

Their fruit is ever fresh, their cheese mature,

The check-out girls are charming and demure,

And fairer still than Helen was, with smiles

That make each moment’s queuing seem a joy.  

Potato waffles, Wotsits, Snickers bars,

Exotic oriental leaves--bok choi--, 

And gherkins too, display’d in crystal jars.

Such dainties are the buyer’s to enjoy,

And stir me more than any dusty vase.


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