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Submission Guidelines

Faction prefers closed forms.

Jintishis and qasidas are particularly welcome.

No yadus, please, unless written

Phonetically in Jamaican patois. 


The Weasel’s Elbow favours a width

Of between 44 and 46 characters (including spaces.)

Anything featuring words like ‘trust’ or ‘plesiosaur’

Is unlikely to find a home in this magazine.


Pelvis is heavily biased

Towards poems about the childhood of Blaise Pascal,

Although verse employing shoes as a metaphor for British foreign policy

In the late Nineteenth Century may also be considered.


The Goo Goo Review usually only publishes work

By former Winter Olympians. However,

A special May issue will be devoted entirely to coroners-  

Watch this space for further details.  


Trapezium has a reading window

Of three and a half minutes

Once every twenty-eight years,

And you have just missed the latest by a heartbeat.


The Imaginary Igloo insists on hard copies

Word-processed in 11.5 point Lucida Sans Unicode  

And posted, unfolded, in a hexagonal mauve envelope

Hand-addressed in the menstrual blood of a wolf.    

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