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The Colour of Her Riah

A Polari translation of A.E. Housman’s ‘Oh Who Is That Young Sinner’

Oh who is that kerterverer in famblecuffs and why

Do omis and palones chivvy her when trolling by? 

What is it makes the beancove go all nelly and perspire?

The sharpies got tipped off about the colour of her riah.


It is a dowry scharda there are those with ends like hers.

In badge times they’d have hanged her, though the further thought occurs

That hanging isn't cod enough and setting her on fire

Might be a benar treatment for the colour of her riah.


A dolly price she’s parkered and the effort she has made

To get her barnet zhooshed out in a nanti nanna shade,

But lift her mudge you’ll vada it defeated every dyer.          

They’re lauing her to zsa-zsa for the colour of her riah.


Now it’s oakum for her luppers and the mincemill for her plates

And the quarry-gang on Portland, which is what the beak dictates.

Between her acting dickies she can parnie by the wire,  

And Gloria be damned who chose the colour of her riah.

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