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Hitchcock Acrostic

My looming silhouette, obese and bald,   

As well as my distinctive, soothing slur,    

Still resonate, and even now I’m called   

The cinema’s preeminent auteur,   

Epitomising what François Truffaut   

Revered: a moviemaker in control 

Of everything on screen. I ran the show:   

Finessing scripts and casting every role,  

Selecting music and the mise-en-scène.   

Unwilling to consider much beyond 

Scenarios that featured guiltless men    

Plus pretty women (preferably blonde)   

Entangled in intrigues, anxiety, 

Not closure, was my watchword from the start,        

So I’d draw out the ticking bomb; for me,

Explosions weren’t the interesting part.

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