‘Two earthquakes in Irish Sea cause tremors in Lancashire and Cumbria’


                                                       -The Guardian, 25th August 2013



Let’s go to Blackpool beach this year and not the Côte d’Azur.
I’ve made a few enquiries, see, and ordered a brochure.
They’ve had these tremors caused by shifting continental plates, 
And I’m intrigued to see the sort of damage that creates.


The town may well endure another round of seismic knocks 

(If only in the form of what are billed as ‘aftershocks’),
So you and I must have our cameras ready. When the joint 
Starts jumping once again we’ll both be there to coo and point. 

We’ll clap at cracks appearing in the busy promenades, 
We’ll savour an arcade collapsing like a house of cards, 
We’ll cheer to see the Tower buckle like tin foil, or if 
They have cliffs there we’ll chuckle as it tumbles off a cliff. 

In terms of fun geology this country mostly sucks, 
But Blackpool’s quakes may indicate our lithosphere’s in flux. 
You never know, the day may come when British people thrill
To geysers in the Gorbals and volcanic vents in Rhyl.

Seaside Earthquake