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Hitchcock Acrostic

My looming silhouette, obese and bald,   

As well as my distinctive semi-slur    

Still resonate, and even now I’m called   

The cinema’s preeminent auteur,   

Epitomising what François Truffaut   

Revered: a moviemaker in control 

Of everything on screen. I ran the show:   

Finessing scripts and casting every role,  

Selecting music and the mise-en-scène.   

Unwilling as I was to look beyond 

Simplistic plots that featured guiltless men    

Plus pretty women (preferably blonde)   

Entangled in intrigues, they all had doubt,    

Not payoffs, situated at their heart:   

Set bombs tick-ticking, tension builds throughout,      

Explode them and you blow all that apart.

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